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Chocolatier or chocolate maker?

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

I remembered one journey at the end of which I couldn’t stop my tears. Many thoughts came into my mind then, but now I know that that moment was meant to remain into my soul. Bruges was the place of my journey and the beautiful stores with pralines inspired me to wish to become “a chocolatier”.

In my mind I believed that in the back of these beautiful stores there are peoples that make chocolate. But surprise, they don’t. I found this after I started to read in order to learn how to make pralines. I refused to go to specialized courses because after so many years of school I didn’t want to go back there. I preferred to read and practice by myself than to attend some courses at the end of which to start wonder “now what I have to do?”.

So, how Belgians make the famous pralines? By melting “couverture” chocolate which means that they don’t make chocolate, they use the chocolate made by others, the big producers of so called “chocolate”. But like Belgians, most of sweets producers are not making their own chocolate. This decreased my interest in making pralines because my dream was to make chocolate. I started then to find how chocolate is made. It was very difficult because you have to know some specific terms in order to find information about this.

Each time I wanted to give up I couldn’t and I continued to search because I was very attracted about this subject and I wanted to finish what I have started.

I found in this way that chocolate, pure chocolate can be made also at home with small equipment that started to be produced for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.

Ok, now I knew how the pure chocolate could be made, but with what? This was another dilemma that I had to solve because in this country nobody is making bean-to-bar chocolate. You cannot find equipment or cocoa beans. It was very difficult to find even paper zipper bags to use as pack for the chocolate bar.

Now after I have made chocolate for so many times and after I cried seeing the beautiful bars made by my hands I cannot stop speaking, reading or writing about chocolate.

I am a chocolate blogger and a nibs-to-bar chocolate maker (nib is the cocoa bean roasted and cracked) because the suppliers I used so far didn’t have cocoa beans on stock :). Soon I will be also bean-to-bar chocolate maker and seller. The chocolate will be made in small batches (25-30 bars), so each time you’ll taste one you feel something unique.

Follow me if your life style is closed to what is natural!

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