I know that for some time 🍫 was considered guilty, among other foods, for obesity, dental caries or acne. I read also good things, like eating 🍫 releases endorphins to the brain, mimics the feeling of love, acts as a pain reliever, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. For me it is not clear how much these claims are valid because most of the studies performed on cocoa are funded by companies with substantial gains from positive results, creating motivation to arrive to desired results rather than honest results, whatever these may be.

I am a 🍫 maker, 🍫 blogger, economist, etc. not a doctor. I consider a healthy food any food that is made from natural ingredients and makes me feel good, giving me energy or bringing back nice memories. Craft 🍫 is one of them and each time I eat it, happy memories are coming into my mind. If someone closed, family or friends, is near me for sure I start to tell a story about an experience, a place or a person that that 🍫 makes me remember.

I know that 🍫 with high-fat content and sugar will bring calories to my diet, leading to weight gain.

So my opinion is that the consumption of a moderate quantity of high-cocoa content and good-quality 🍫 may bring benefits for my body and spirit.

What do you think about the benefits of 🍫?

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