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Is Craft Chocolate 🍫 Expensive?

By September 19, 2017 No Comments

If you think that craft 🍫 is expensive, it is probably because:

  • You never tasted craft 🍫. Taste and compare a craft 🍫 with an ordinary one that is sold in most of the supermarkets. It is like comparing a barista coffee with Nescafe or craft beer with Bergenbier.
  • You don’t know what is behind craft 🍫. If we were in the situation of doing the job of people from areas where cacao is growing, we couldn’t face the difficult conditions (almost 95% humidity, and very hot). The climate change, diseases that destroy a third of the world’s cacao crop every year, few farmers that can afford fertilizer, just sporadic investments in improving the trees are just few problems that have to be solved to save “the food of God” (the meaning of Theobroma, the cacao tree).
  • You trust the commercials of big 🍫 producers. Read the label before you buy and don’t take for a word what you see and hear in 🍫 commercials. Remember: craft 🍫 contains 2-4 ingredients (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar or milk) and it has a shelf life of 1 year in the case of dark chocolate and 6 months in the case of milk and dark chocolate. Not only does give you a higher quality product in terms of flavor, it also means that any health benefits associated with cocoa are more likely with craft 🍫. Supermarket 🍫 contains also cheap ingredients like vegetable oil, stabilizers and preservatives.
  • You don’t put craft 🍫 where it’s its place. Craft 🍫 is a gourmet: quality beans, long making process (the longer the grinding, conching and aging processes, the better 🍫 will be), small batches.

In my opinion craft 🍫 worth the extra cost because I am getting high quality and healthier product, I support small businesses and the cacao farmers.

Let’s hear your opinions.


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