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Making chocolate and wine

By September 8, 2017 No Comments

Chocolate making and winemaking have similarities, as is the fact that both start from agricultural products. Like winemaking, chocolate making requires fermentation and just a few ingredients. Both in winemaking as in chocolate making, these few ingredients produce a large variety of products with different and unique flavors, characteristic and qualities from ordinary to exquisite. The final outcome depends on raw material used, but, on a great extent, on the skills of the producers.

Chocolate makers usually don’t have control over cultivation, harvest or fermentation processes, as winemakers have. Usually, cacao crops are grown on small pieces of land by individuals or family landowners and so the chocolate makers don’t have control over two important processes: fermentation and drying. These processes must happen after harvest and at the place where cocoa grows. So these important steps for the future characteristics of chocolate are not under the control of chocolate makers. The chocolate makers may control the beans when they receive them, may evaluate them based on the producers specifications and decide whether to buy or not.

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