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What Is Craft Chocolate?

By September 14, 2017 No Comments

There are of course so many definitions for craft chocolate. For me the craft chocolate is the one made from just few ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar (and milk).

But it is not just about from what is made it is also about people that make it, the chocolate makers. They have passion for what they are doing, they make something unique with every single batch, they search for perfection with every recipe and they care about the cocoa beans they are using. They are aware about how fragile the cacao trees are and that they are prone to damage from diseases, they are directly connected with farmers, when it is possible, they know in which conditions work the people from regions where cacao is growing (very hot and high humidity) and how important they are in the processes of fermentation and drying. For all these reasons the chocolate makers pay the fair prices.

Few ingredients, passionate and caring chocolate makers, hardworking farmers and fair prices are defining for me craft chocolate, or bean-to-bar chocolate.

What is for you craft chocolate?

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