The main trends in technology now are artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) which putted together are very powerful. IoT scales millions of devices generating large amounts of data. Many specialists believe that AI is the best solution to give a fast and accurate sense of all this big data. It is estimated that in the next years AI will replace human jobs. In a recent article, in Science Magazine in April 2017 is written that “self-taught artificial intelligence beats doctors at predicting heart attacks” because of complexity of information involved.

Using AI also in retail industry, will bring benefits. A big percent of products fails at the early stage of their life because they don’t offer what the customers want. Jason Cohen, founder of Analytical Flavor Systems, said “That’s because these companies can’t predict consumer preference, because they don’t have a measurement of what consumers are going to taste in that product”.  AI can be used to better know and understand the customers and predict what they prefer. In the same way AI can be used by chocolate makers in creating chocolate. Being able to predict the customers’ preferences in terms of flavors, smells, texture or colors will ensure the chocolate’s success.

In September 2017, a big chocolate producer, Callebaut (it sells chocolate and other cocoa products to businesses, not consumers) presented “Ruby”, the fourth type of chocolate (Pink) after Dark, Milk and White. Ruby chocolate “satisfies a new consumer need found among millennials – hedonistic indulgence”. In the Callebaut press release from September 5th 2017 is written that “Ruby chocolate meets a consumer need no chocolate ever did before”. Knowing what millennials want before they even ask for it, this could be AI!

What do you think the future holds for chocolate and AI? Let’s see your thoughts!


Picture: The ruby chocolate from Barry Cllebaut, pictured next to some cocoa beans, is naturally pink without any added coloring.


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