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The initial cost for starting a bean-to-bar (b2b) 🍫 business

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Each time you think about doing something, you actually make a plan. Simple or elaborated, it is a plan, a succession of steps that you have to do to achieve that “something” or objective. The plan for sure involves resources like time or money. Both time and money are limited, like any other resource, so you have to spend it with so much judgment, responsibility and efficiency.

In business, the plan is called budget/business plan and it gives a monetary equivalent to what you want to achieve. It is the difference between revenues and expenses (profit) or between cash-in and cash-out (cash at your disposal). The bigger the difference, the more successful your plan will be. Important it is also the period of time in which you generate profit and cash, the sooner, the better.

The thing that you always have to bear in your mind is to keep your expenses/costs down and to use the available resources. If you start your b2b 🍫 business at home (more complicated if you live in an apartment because you need the approval of all the neighbors that have a common wall with you) you don’t need more than 500 euros. As more smaller 🍫 makers appeared, the cost of the equipment started to drop. A grinder that is mandatory for your b2b 🍫 business costs 215 euro (without VAT or delivery charges). Other equipment that is needed, for sure you already have it in your home: gas or electric oven, microwave oven, kitchen processor, kitchen scale, hairdryer and a fan. Other mandatory things that you have to buy are the molds. If you really want to keep your costs down you can buy silicon molds, which are cheaper than polycarbonate molds (professional molds). If you’ll make a search on the internet you’ll see that everybody recommend the professional molds. From my experience I’m telling you there are few differences: the price (which is very high for professional molds, 20-22 euros/mold, compared with silicon mold that have a cost that starts from 2 euros), the fact that in the case of silicon molds the 🍫 bar will not fall when you turn around the mold and you have to “unglue” from the mold, the professional molds keep their form and do not bend.

Of course making 🍫 at home will not make you rich but it is a start with low initial capital expenses. In time you’ll decide if it will remain a hobby or if you want to grow your own business.

🍫 making is an easy process – doing it well is a complex process!





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