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Trends in bean-to-bar (b2b) 🍫 making

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Until recent, small b2b 🍫 makers did not exist. The production of 🍫 was big companies’ exclusive. Few things were known about the quality of 🍫 and we were influenced by commercials to believe that what the big companies are selling is the best. Small b2b 🍫 makers have been very practical and they used intuition, curiosity and all the equipment they had to figure out how to produce 🍫 without specialized technique which at that moment was not available for laboratory or small production. Their perseverance but also the equipment producers who started to see the business opportunities, led to an increasing number of small b2b 🍫 makers. They have growth year after year but without gaining growth in market share.

The influences they brought into the 🍫 market were positive:

  • They went directly to the cacao farmers, signed deals also in the farmers’ benefit paying the correct price for their work.
  • They chose quality cocoa beans in terms of ecologic plantations, harvest, fermentation, size of the beans and flavors.
  • They used only few ingredients to make 🍫 bars: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar and powder milk, but they combined also in a very innovative way other natural ingredients like fruits, plants, salt, etc.
  • They displayed on the wrapper the origin of cocoa, the cocoa content, the making process and very important, the flavors that the 🍫 bar offers.
  • They offered “fast“ quality 🍫 bars by reducing the size of 🍫 because the demand for small bars started to increase.
  • The wrappers started to be ecologic and practical (for example they used zipper envelop in order to keep the 🍫 bar safe for later if you or your child couldn’t eat all the bar at once).

All these did not passed unseen by the 🍫 lovers, by the people who care about what they eat, who have a healthy life, for parents who wants the best for their children, for anyone who cares about the closed people. They all encouraged small b2b 🍫 makers to continue the work they love.

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