Me personal, I love coffee as much as I love chocolate and I’m thinking that maybe I will become a barista and a coffee blogger also in the near future. A small shop with craft chocolate and fresh roasted coffee…mmm… I love it!

I dream about the day when more and more people will know about origins and varieties of chocolate and coffee, like when we choose wine, you know … “I like Merlot!. That’s my variety. I drink only Merlot.” We are far from this, but I will not abandon my dream and until then I will continue to speak my voice (I feel like in “Legally Blonde 2” now :)). It is still not the norm to have the variety on the chocolate/coffee package, only in some boutique chocolate shops/roasters, because the consumers don’t necessarily know what it is yet. “I love single origin Nicaragua chocolate”. You don’t hear people saying this.

Education is to understand what’s a good chocolate or coffee, what’s a defect of chocolate or coffee taste, because some of defects show up when you taste it. To understanding what the value of the chocolate or coffee is, you need to learn how to taste it.

It will be great if all the big chocolate or coffee companies in the world will tell us how they taste chocolate or coffee, how they score it, how they monitor from batch to batch or from year to year.

How much do you love chocolate and coffee? And why you love them? I am curious to see your answers and I thank you for sharing with me.


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