Chocolate is practically bursting with fruit flavors, from red berries to bright pineapple, and so it makes perfect sense to pair it with the real stuff. I particularly like to use these pairings to remind myself what each fruit tastes like, so I can better recognize fruity notes when tasting chocolate by itself or just for fun.
There are two ways to pair chocolate and fruit. I won’t break these out into individual categories since you’ll probably get the picture quickly.
1. Pair like flavors together. I tried this morning, together with my family, Belize chocolate with raspberry (and almonds 😋) and surprise… my daughter, who refused all the time to eat dark chocolate, ate much of this combination 😃. A Madagascar bar with bright blackberry notes gets paired with actual juicy blackberries, and a Hawaiian bar with distinct raisin notes goes with actual raisins. Be sure to clean your palate between each bite. You’re trying to taste the similarities in each element, not necessarily combine them into one mishmash in your mouth.
2. Pair opposite flavors together
A Venezuela bar with nutty notes goes with a tart fresh strawberry, and a Tanzania bar with earthy notes goes with fresh citrus. This is more of a true pairing experience, where you’re trying both elements together and tasting the way they mingle in your mouth.

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