Seeking change, Claudia leaves her economist profession and sets out to make chocolate bonbons.

Learning about confections she realized that all recipes use already made  chocolate and she started to think: “how the chocolate is made?”. And after a rigorous search,  Claudia opens the universe of craft chocolate and realizes that chocolate making is for her. 

At home,  into the kitchen, making use of an Indian spice grinder and a hairdryer, Claudia form her first chocolate bars. She learns the ways of the chocolate maker and she re-educates her palette by becoming a certified chocolate taster by International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting, London. She is also thought now about harvesting, fermentation and cacao varieties and origins are introduced to her.


She discovers the differences between fine cocoa and bulk cocoa (used in industrial chocolate). Fine cocoa is grow for flavors and aromas whilst bulk cocoa is grow for quantity.

She finds a small place and starts-up her bean to bar craft chocolate workshop. Thea’s Chocolate is born. The name is inspired by the name of her daughter, Dorothea (“The Gift of Gods”) and the name of cocoa tree, Theobroma (“The Foods of Gods”).

She tastes more than 20 finest single origins cocoa beans and she chooses only two: Alta Verapaz from Guatemala and Toledo from Belize. Like the grape, the bean’s individual character is affected by climate, soil, fermentation technique and drying conditions.

She uses only few ingredients but a lot of hard work is involved. Sorting, roasting, breaking, winnowing, grinding, tempering, molding and wrapping, all these activities take place in her small workshop and most of them are handmade.

She hopes to bring joy to everybody while inspiring a generation of Romanian self-taught craft chocolate entrepreneurs.

Allow her to be your personal assistant in the world of craft chocolate.