Thea is first and foremost a Bean to Bar Chocolate.

Most chocolate available in the market nowadays is industrially produced.
Thea is chocolate maker and chocolatier.

Thea is dedicated to producing distinctively premium delicious chocolate with no additives or preservatives, no soy lecithin and no fake vanilla- products used in chocolate making.

To do this, the founder immerses herself into the chocolate making process by carefully roasting her ethically sourced cocoa beans in small batches, grinding them with only sugar and minimal ingredients. This creates products with unique and original flavor notes bringing out the nuances of really good cocoa.

We start with the selection of ethically-sourced flavorful cocoa beans because we believe it is the foundation for good chocolate. The different flavors of our chocolate originate from the differences in the cacao tree varieties we use and how the cocoa beans have been treated post-harvest.

Each bean has its own character and flavor profile, offering rich, fruity, floral, nutty or earthy flavor notes depending on its country of origin and terroir. We simply add sugar to balance the bitterness of the cacao and some cocoa butter to improve texture.


By choosing a Thea product, you are supporting the founder’s mission.
You are:

  • Protecting the hardworking farmers’ rights at the cocoa plantations with a fair income-thus contributing to sustainable cocoa farming practices and therefore securing a better cocoa future with vigilance in terms of preventing and eliminating child labour.
  • Encouraging the production of only the highest quality and exquisite chocolate in a sustainable and healthy environment with an ethical approach.

  • Most importantly, spreading the knowledge and passion for bean to bar single origin chocolate in Romania.