We make small batch, BEAN-TO-BAR chocolate by fully processing in our small workshop, from Bucharest, Romania, the cocoa beans into fine chocolate.

We can make 26 kg of chocolate at a time and each takes 5 days.

Sorting – Roasting – Breaking – Winnowing – Grounding & Conching – Tempering – Molding – Wrapping, all these activities take place in our small workshop and most of them are handmade (watch all these activities in the video).

Our chocolate is unique by the secrets in our process.

All of our single-origin 70%, 80% chocolates are made with just cocoa beans and sugar; 100% single origin drinking chocolate is made only with cocoa beans; no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. These chocolates are free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten.

We are currently the only Romanian company producing bean-to-bar chocolate and drinking chocolate, naturals, made with fine flavored cocoa beans.

Our cocoa beans are:

  • Fine flavored (only 5 % of the cocoa that is produce in the world is fine flavored meaning that is grown for flavors and aromas)
  • Single origin (Alta Verapaz – Guatemala and Toledo – Belize are the origins that we use after we have chosen from over 20 origins)
  • Organic (the farmers do not use chemical products, they get what they get, naturally)
  • Stone grounded (the cocoa beans are ground and conched continuously for 30-40 hours by two granite wheels that move in reverse of each other on a granite base)