Ingredients: single origin organic cocoa beans


We are the first and currently the only Romanian company offering 100% natural Drinking Chocolate (Hot Chocolate), made only from cocoa beans.

Each step of the creation of this drinking chocolate impacts the aromas and as a result you will taste an unique chocolate.

We use single origin and organic cocoa beans from the Toledo District, Belize. Cacao is intercropped with bananas, plantains, cardamon and coffee. The beans are fermented in wooden boxes, solar dried and hand sorted.

Once we receive the beans we sort manually each cocoa bean and we get rid of broke, flat, small or too dried beans that could impact negative the chocolate aromas. We use our unique profile of roasting which means that the time and temperature of roasting is adapted to take out the best aromas of this cocoa origin.

The grinding is made slowly on natural stones, for days. In this time the cocoa beans are grounded, conched at specific intervals of time.

Preparation mode: Mix up to 2 spoons per serving into a paste with hot liquid and top up whilst stirring. Use a food processor, or even a blender to eliminate lumps. Pour the hot mixture into a cup. Add sugar or not, upon taste.

You can use it also with cereals.