Chocolate Bonbons with Gianduja – Kraft / Pink / Green / Red Big Box

65,00 lei

Ingredients: bean-to bar chocolate with 70% cocoa, single origin Belize (organic cocoa beans, organic unrefined cane sugar), hazelnuts.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

It contains 15 bonbons.

aprox 150 net

Allergens: hazelnuts
Made in a kitchen where almonds, milk powder and gluten are used.

Please choose the color for the box between: kraft, pink with white dots, green with white dots or red.

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We are chocolate makers and this means that we produced the chocolate first, then the cream and with passion we made these bonbons. This is the difference between the chocolate maker and the chocolatier. The chocolatier buy the chocolate already made, melt it and use it to create bonbons, chocolate bars or other confections.

We know that the good chocolate is made with good cocoa beans, grown for aromas, we know where our cocoa beans are coming from and how much the farmers are paid.

Transparency and quality are our values.


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