Gift Box

144,00 lei

This gift box contains:

1 box with 15 chocolate bonbons filled with gianduja, almonds or coconut cream;

aprox. 165g

Ingredients: cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnuts, cocoa butter, organic coconut flakes, sugar.

Allergens: hazelnuts, almonds

Made in a kitchen where milk powder, cashew and other nuts are used.

1 drinking (hot) chocolate with 84% single origin cocoa from Hacienda Limon, Ecuador.


Ingredients: single origin organic cocoa beans, sugar.


1 chocolate bar at your choice

Please write in the order the chocolate bar you desire.

aprox. 65g


1 hazelnuts chocolate spread

Contains: hazelnuts, cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter.

aprox. 195g

Shipping: We can only send the chocolate if it is below 24 degrees!