Ingredient: organic cocoa husk

We use single origin and organic cocoa beans from the Toledo District, Belize. Cacao is intercropped with timber trees, bananas and avocados. The beans are fermented in wooden boxes, solar dried and hand sorted. Once we receive the beans we sort manually each cocoa bean and we get rid of broke, flat, small or too dried beans. We use our unique profile of roasting which means that the time and temperature are adapted to take out the best flavors of this cocoa origin. After, we crush the cocoa beans and separate the nibs from the husk. So the husk is the cocoa bean part that cover and protect the nibs.

How to prepare the tea: boil 1l of water, cool it down to 80C. In the French press mix the water with 18g of cocoa husk and let it infuse for 6-10 minutes.

The tea has rich, chocolate taste and favor.